Monday, October 18, 2010

From The Attic

I have not posted in a while. Could it be that I'm so busy I'm not actually getting a lot of new
dolls to come to life? Sadly, that is the truth. However I was just up in the attic with my
7 year old daughter, and she spotted the jackpot, the hidden pink wardrobe containing my stash
of "Dawn" dolls from the 1970s. I loooooved these dolls, and all their outfits. My Nana even made
a pink bathrobe and an elaborate wedding dress for my dolls. They are smaller than Barbies (which
I never owned), so you can imagine the scale of the hand sewn outfits. My daughter is in doll
heaven playing with all these girlies. I am reminded of the magic of dolls, shiny clothes, shiny hair,
and teeny tiny shoes.

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