Thursday, May 28, 2009

what i saw on the ceiling

last night as i put my daughter to sleep, i noticed this beautiful shadow being made on the ceiling by the nightlight.  it's very a full-figured woman dancer.  it got me thinking about my current spirit doll shape, and even further about why i feel "stuck" and not entirely inspired to make my next batch of dolls.  maybe i need to go in a new direction with their form.  rounder heads?  curvier arms? more flowing dresses?  something is going to change, i can feel it.

the goddess

this spirit doll is definitely a goddess.  her crimson velvet dress fabric came from a historic home on my town's main street.  the sparkly hat is from a costume designer and former ballerina i met in key west.  my french fairy godmother sylvie, who lives in nyc, sent the mesh fabric i used to overlay the velvet.  she is posing in front of a bloodroot leaf.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


women and their undeniable attraction.  something i love as much as dollmaking is illustration, and this fabric reminds me of something i would draw.  the glamorous faux fur collar is snipped from a hat i found at a yard sale one weekend.  the bright red button is from a collection i have that seems to magically replenish itself.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

soon-to-be bride dolls

this looks like a party dress and robe, right? right.  but before long my scissors will snip, snip, snip and a bunch of new bridal spirit dolls will emerge.  stay tuned.