Saturday, March 12, 2011

traveling doll project 2011 Ginny 1, Ginny 2

i participated in this very creative project last winter (see previous posts). this year i'm on 2 teams, so i got to start two dolls.
they have now left my studio for their first stops in illinois and oregon, where other artists are working on them. the journey will continue for several more months, with each stop being recorded by blog, photos, journals. check out to see what other teams have started. i am a part of Ladies of Liberty and The American Pies. the two dolls i created were named Ginny 1 and Ginny 2, in honor of a well known dancer in my town. she passed away 2 years ago, and i had the honor of attending her estate sale last summer, where i found glitz galore. the dolls in this photo are headless, but not for long.