Friday, November 26, 2010

not quite a spirit doll

the online group i belong to, Art Dolls Only, has monthly and quarterly challenges that inspire us to create new, exciting dolls . this month's challenge was to make a doll using unfamiliar materials. to think outside the box. perfect timing, as i am feeling too busy to make my dolls in the usual way right now. i adapted my daughter's fearless attitude and just sat down at my art table to see what was there, what looked interesting, and then voila - start making something! this bendy lady is not done yet. she needs clothes. but in the meantime i am enjoying her wooden knob head which i handpainted, her pipe cleaner body, her purple clay shoes, and the little chair i borrowed from my daughter's dollhouse. i will finish her this weekend and post another photo of her when i'm done. you can see more creations at