Saturday, August 7, 2010

a spirit BRA?!?

a moment's departure from the spirit dolls to....bras! i'm participating in a breast cancer fundraiser
this fall. the feature is many "Artful Bras" which will be displayed and auctioned off at a gala event. i thought i'd share photos of mine here on my blog. i met the organizers of this event last spring at the opening of my
show "All Dolled Up" at the good news cafe. we hit it off immediately and i was committed to creating some dazzling
bras. interestingly enough, i shared with these ladies that i'd had a phase of creating art bras back in 1991 when i lived in new york city. i recently unearthed a few in my brother's attic, and perhaps i'll post photos of them at some point! the new bras i'm
making are similar in their construction - i take an actual bra and coat it in many layers of latex paint, giving it a hardened "shell" like a gessoed canvas. ready to paint, decorate, whatever! the one shown here is titled "The Cha Cha Bra".

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