Thursday, June 18, 2009

botanical theme spirit dolls, part 3

despite all the rain we are having in the northeast, my ferns are happier than ever.  this particular one caught my eye and seems to make the perfect spiral cradle for a spirit doll.  her linen dress is imprinted with a bold pink dahlia.  stay tuned for more in the botanical series!

Monday, June 15, 2009

botanical theme spirit dolls, part 2

an artist in san francisco sent me some beautiful hankies from chinatown, knowing they would be transformed into spirit doll dresses.  thank you gary!  i've got this doll posing on the edge of my little fish pond, with a glimpse of pink waterlily behind her.  there are two bullfrogs living in this pond as well, but they chose not to be photographed.

botanical theme spirit dolls, part 1

this time of year my garden is irresistible, full of color and changing every day.  this spirit doll is photographed in front of some rue blossoms, right outside my back door.

4th spirit doll story (i think)

This spirit doll's dress reminds me of looking down from an airplane window at landscapes.  it could be urban rooftops or a field of tulips in holland.  the purple "scarf" was clipped from a cherished item that no longer functions in its original form.  i found the blue button in a relative's sewing box.  i am so lucky to have a bountiful garden, and this spirit doll is posing in front of some lovely peonies.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

spirit doll video!

this was made with i-movie, and i am really pleased with it.  take a look.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

another spirit doll story

this doll reminds me of someone i know and admire greatly.  she's tall and elegant with a touch of sparkle.  most of the elements used to create this doll came from connecticut.  i've photographed her in front of my dazzling purple clematis vine which is in bloom right now.  the rhinestones were found by a friend at a yard sale in key west, then kindly passed on to me.