Wednesday, December 29, 2010

silver spirit doll

this one started her life as a normal spirit doll, that is, made of fabric and branches and canvas and moss. when i "retired" her, i
dipped her in housepaint and gave her new life as an outdoor object. she resided for almost 2 years on top of a birdhouse in my
back yard, painted bright red by my daughter. recently she started to tilt and crackle a bit, so i decided it was time to give her a fresh coat of paint. i had some chrome silver spray paint in my garage, which i used first on some leftover autumn gourds that i wanted to display with my holiday stuff.

the doll got a coat of chrome and was transformed - i love how shiny she is! this one will go back outside and be my elements experiment. will she stay shiny or will she turn dull with the winter wind and snow? we'll see. in the meantime i am prepping another dipped doll for the chrome, and she will be sent to key west for a fundraiser.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I finished up my newest doll over the weekend, having plenty o' time, for a change. All because my daughter had a cold and it was
in our best interest to stay put. It was actually the best thing that could have happened! We sat on the couch,
she with sketchbook or little sewing projects, me with current spirit doll "stuff" that requires stitching, and I also put the
final touches on the new doll, which we are officially naming Fifi. She is so cute and sassy, and looks great no matter what she's sitting on. A dollhouse chair, a pumpkin, whatever. Fifi rocks!