Saturday, March 10, 2012

2012. what next?

it's already march. i have a small but beautiful display at my local library, and it will be up till mid april. it represents dolls past and present. mostly past, as my present life is consuming time and energy in a way that does not leave me hugely creative. i hope to get back on track but for now i have to be proud of what i have done. my online doll group, art dolls only, has shifted gears. new folks running the show. those of us who are left over are wondering if it will be the same, or if it's best to create some kind of new group. my goal for this year is to continue trying to sell on etsy. my cute walnut snowmen did not find an audience but maybe my dolls will. i have to tell myself that the key word is TRYING. if i don't then i'll never know. i have to take photos of what i want to post, and then get 'em up there on etsy.

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  1. Good for you, Paula! This display is definitely something to be proud of! I love that you're getting closer to putting your dolls on Etsy. It can take a little doing to get your work noticed on Etsy, but there are some "tricks of the trade" and if I can offer any help, I sure will.