Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Spirit Doll faces

dang! what happened to march and april and half of may? i've been so busy. a lot of it was spent volunteering for
worthy things at my daughter's elementary school. now it's time to get my own creativity on track again.
i'm continuing to work on the Art Dolls Only Traveling Doll Project (i have 2 dolls in my studio right now, and
await the return of my spirit doll by the end of the month). i also met some women at my restaurant exhibit
who are putting together a non-doll related event later this year. i won't say now what i will be creating,
but it's going to be colorful and fun! last but not least, i'm headed back to key west in june for a visit that
is part business, part pleasure. i will be meeting with a local bridal planner (JULIE SHRECK of simply you weddings)
to show her my growing collection of gorgeous bridal spirit dolls. the faces shown here in my hand may be
the new twist to the way my dolls look...something more dimensional. i'm going to play with these and see
if they are suitable for the additional two bridal dolls i will be finishing up before key west. one of these faces
has a tiny pearl, a tiny shard of mirror, and a tiny rhinestone cooked in. change is in the air!!

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